We help investors get more value with less hassle.

Experience is the most essential attribute in the property field. There’s no guesswork when you’ve been doing something for 15 years

Birx was founded in response to a need in the market.

There is no boutique agency specialising in mid market property investment’s. And what was available where weak opportunities with low returns.

Our philosophy, is that investing in real estate is for everyone if done properly. Every client will have their needs and risk tolerances assessed. With a robust due diligence framework in place we  can confidently guide every client until profitability.

With years of experience in property finance and asset management, we offer high net worth quality asset management to every investor.

Birx has built a grassroots partnership of local professionals nationwide, this not only gives us access to opportunities not found elsewhere. But also the market insight at a local level.

Our reputation for putting clients above all, has earned us the trust of conveyancers and lenders alike.

Based in North London our team range of experience and skills will ensure the right investment for you.

Working for major developers & investors, we have honed our experience by establishing a property broker firm, to enable you to make lucrative investments. Quickly. And easily.

We understand that every client has unique needs: the 35-year-old guy who contacted us yesterday; the 63-year-old investor who we’ve helped this month and the 43-year-old international investor who wanted to invest £800,000.

What’s your needs? Simply give us a call to discuss your needs, investment goal and budget  so we can start the search and you can end the deal.

We don’t just boast our business on numbers of listings
but rather on the variety of clients we’ve served and satisfied.

Our experience has crossed all sectors of the market industry thus enabling us to offer an experience based on knowledge and expertise.

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